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Over the summer I went on a couple of dates with a guy who was obsessed with Lana Del Rey, which perfectly explains the confused/fragile/stupid frame of mind I was in after my break-up and should be a sign to my friends that any future indiscretions require immediate intervention.  

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hey! saw your comment... yes indeed we are the only ones left around here. tumbleweed. life is treating me good, treating myself in turn. i am in germany now. are things good with you?

Very cool, I'm actually in London right now, living here on a brief study abroad program until at least May.

Glad life is treating you well. I'm doing all right, just trying to adjust to being over here and trying not to cry over how expensive London is and how the dollar exchange rate is god awful. But so far so good. What are you up to in Germany?

And yes, Lana Del Rey is very dangerous. And insufferable.

p.s. lana del rey is DANGEROUS.

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