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There was the time
I would go with the rolling tide
I wanted an easy ride
I thought it was all a game
The thunder struck and it changed

And then I was scared, I was scared I was terrified
But you made me reach inside
As certain that I'd survive, I'd survive
But all night I'm lying awake
It feels like my body's afraid to say
Too much to put into words
A dam about to burst

Mighty rivers run right through me
I fall in if I dive in too deep
In the shadows swim with daydreams
As far away as they can take me

Whatcha been doin? Whatcha been doin?
I'm really not sure why I'm updating, it's not like anyone uses Livejournal anymore. Livejournal is so 2004. Just like skateboarding was so five years ago. That quote just prompted me to put up my Clueless userpic. Going to watch that movie when I get home tonight.

2011 is almost over, which is kind of blowing my mind. What has happened this past year? Well last December I took over the accounting position here at Embassy Suites when Stephanie made the wisest decision ever and got a new job. The plus side: I got a raise, I have my own desk and I don't have to work with the public anymore. The downside: I'm still at Embassy Suites FOUR years later and despite numerous changes in management this place still blows worse than a hooker on 4th Street.

Robert and I are still dating. We had our one-year anniversary back in August (I took him out to dinner at the Ventura Harbor, because I'm classy). So that's been nice. He beats me and has gotten me addicted to crack but that's only because we're trying to do our own revival of "Being Bobby Brown", so I'll let you all know when that's up and running.

OH and I've been accepted to Cal State Channel Islands for the spring, so I'll finally be done with community college. ABOUT TIME, RIGHT? God, my life has become an even bigger disaster than Malibu. So I'll soon be a Ventura County resident. We'll see how exciting that turns out to be.

ALSO I'm going to be an uncle in January. My sister's having a girl and they've named her Sophia, so I'm pretty much going to be the coolest gay uncle ever. Robert wants me to be called "Guncle" (Gay uncle, see what he did there? He's not very clever, I know), but I deplore such a title. Any way we'll see how much of a bad influence I end up being on my niece.


1. Why do I work with the most retarded people on this planet? WHY? What, oh Almighty Lord, hath I done to deserve such a piteous existence where I am dealing day in and day out with people who are completely incapable of doing the most elementary tasks and are making my job that much harder because I need to take care of said tasks for them?

2. STOP WITH THE WHOLE 'TMI' SHIT. Seriously. Stop. It's disgusting, no one wants to read/hear about your various 'exploits', and it's not cute. Please try to act with more dignity.

3. I'm moving to Seattle later this year. Today is definitely one of those days where I wish that I were there right now. I'm over my job, I'm over so many of the people that I surround myself with down here, I'm just over everything.

Christ, it's almost December
Once again another slow, boring morning at work has led me to rereading past Livejournal entries. I came across a previous entry where I mentioned that my sister had just gotten engaged, and then it dawned on me that I have not informed my Livejournal "audience" (crickets...crickets...) that the wedding has come and gone.

So the wedding was two weekends ago in Camarillo, at the same place where Melissa got married back in April (but who cares, it's not like anyone noticed and I was the only important guest there), and overall it was a resounding success. It was a nighttime wedding, which initially left me unsure how well they'd be able to pull it off. But the ceremony was lit up with candles and decorative lights, and it made it very intimate and romantic (God I'm throwing out some gay words here...), so A+ to whoever set all that up, it was absolutely perfect.

As expected, we had a ton of family there. My mom's family probably made up about 80% of the guests (damn Mexicans), a good number of my stepdad's family came, including a few from Michigan which was quite nice, and then all five of the relatives I have on my dad's side. I'm not kidding, the contrasts between my mom's and dad's families are exactly like 'My Big Fat Greek Wedding'.

Also worth noting that for the first time EVER, I actually had a date at a family function. There are a number of reasons for why this has never happened before. 1) For a long time I was uncomfortable about how my relatives would react to me having a guy as a date. 2) I've been single on many important family occasions, therefore eliminating the need to bring a date. 3) Most of my previous boyfriends/romantic interests have frankly not been people that I should have honestly introduced to my family.

So basically I figured, I'm 24 years old, I have a boyfriend that I am happy with, and if everyone in my family hasn't figured out by now that I'm not bringing a girl to the next party/wedding/whatever anytime this century then it's time they got updated. And bringing Robert along was actually a splendid idea. He met my dad for the first time, and my dad had nothing but glowing remarks about him. He bonded very easily with my cousins and apparently he and my mom became BFFs that night (which is actually a bit disturbing since my mom is slightly embarrassing). So I am very glad that I brought him and that he was a part of the festivities.

Not going to lie, I have a slight suspicion that my family is eyeing me as next-in-line for some wedding bells, particularly with how much everyone raved about Robert after the wedding. Not sure how I feel about that...

It really makes me curious when I'm co-hosting a Halloween party that has over 60 people attending, and I am only friends with TWELVE OF THOSE PEOPLE.

Doesn't seem to make sense to me that I'm going to be setting up for this party, contributing money for decorating, etc., when it's going to be completely overrun by dozens people that I don't even know.

As you can tell, I'm clearly not excited about it.

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As usually happens when I'm bored at work, I was browsing through old Livejournal entries, from 2004, 2005, and I got all nostalgic. I won't lie, I miss a lot of the times that I wrote about on here. Oh well, it's just fun to reflect.

Surprise. I have a boyfriend. His name's Robert. It's all very new and rather sudden, but it's fantastic. Not to get all sappy, but I feel very sappy at the moment. Bla bla bla.

Anyway, I'm excited about it and quite happy as well.

Can you turn my power off?
Well I'm 24 years old now. I admit I feel rather unaccomplished and "behind", but I guess that's the case with plenty of people my age these days. So I'll get over it eventually.

In my last update I said I might have a new job, but that is not the case. A bit disappointing, since working at the Suites continually makes me want to jab a pen straight into my throat, so I'll keep trying for something else.

Lately I've been working out more than I have in about a year, so that's been making me feel better. Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people don't kill their husbands. They just don't.

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I might have a new job after tomorrow? 

PS the new Kylie Minogue album is AMAZING.

So I'm just kickin' it, I'm counting the days.
Who knew that physical activity could play such a role in altering your mood? I've gone swimming every day over the last week except for last Thursday and Saturday and I feel fucking fantastic.

This summer is going to be interesting, I believe. We'll find out soon enough.

I'm chatting with my mom on Facebook. Weird? 


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